Many years ago, when I first started working with Microsoft Word (Word 2) I hated it. I was used to working with a dedicated, Hebrew DTP program that was DOS-based, and I loved working with it. Word was incomprehensible to me, I could not understand the interface and I felt quite useless with it.

When I started working at the translation agency, my boss decided that I needed some training in Word and he sent me to an excellent teacher. This person gave me a solid base on which to build in getting to know Microsoft Word.

A few years later I went to a technical writing course; the course itself was really very bad but we had a DTP teacher, her name was Gabrielle, who was absolutely out of this world and it is because of her that I fell in love with Word. She taught me to do things that I didn’t know were possible and I was hooked.

During those first years working with Microsoft Word I found many people willing and eager to help me better understand and learn this program.

Now it’s my turn to help people solve problems, find answers, and learn, like me, to do things they never thought possible.

I hope this blog will do just that.

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