About me

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I have had a rather varied career – I worked as a stage manager at Habimah (Israel’s National Theater), I was then technical manager at the Beer Sheba Theater. Some years later I became the owner of a flower shop and became a florist.

In 1991 I went to work at a small publishing house as a typist and editor, formatting and preparing the DTP for dictionaries and glossaries. A few years after that I went to work for a translation agency as office manager, and so entered the translation world via the back door. There I started translating on a very minor scale, and on a much larger scale started working with Microsoft Word, formatting large, complex documents (prospectuses, financial state statements, etc.) containing, among other things, vast numbers of tables of various sizes, shapes and complexities. That was the beginning of my romance with Word in general and with tables in particular.

About 12 years ago, I graduated from the Beit Berl translation and editing program, and I have been actively working in translation ever since, although over the past few years translation per se has taken a backseat to DTP and formatting work in Word.

I have one wonderful Border Collie called Frigor Untitled, and about ten  cats who wander in and out of our garden apartment, and I have been in a wonderful relationship for the past seventeen and a half years.

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